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Bucket Hats

There's a millennial-cool element of a bucket hat that lends its wearer streetwear credibility.

Or you could go down the practical route, and argue that a bucket hat is the simplest way to avoid (the horror!) rained-on hair.Whatever the reason—the retro headwear is here to stay. We say have a little fun and nab yourself one.

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Mask Collection

The unintended upsides to wearing face masks all the time

1. If you forget to brush your teeth, it’s no big deal (for other people anyway).

2. If you've got food in your teeth, it’s no big deal.

3. If you have a rogue booger in your nose, it’s no big deal.

4. You can wear pimple cream on your face when going out and no one will know.

5. If you wear makeup, you only have to do half your face. Money saving!

6. Masks keep your face snuggly warm in winter.

7. It’s an additional way for Melburnians to wear even more black clothing.

8. It’s an additional way to support small businesses and local creatives #masketear

9. You can eat with your mouth open and no one will know.

10. Masks have allowed you to upcycle your old T-shirts and tea towels

11. No one can tell you to "smile, you’ll look prettier" (well they can, but it’d be moot).

12. You can actively grimace at people and they won't know.

13. You can let your 'stache grow out without being judged by society's rigid beauty standards.

14. You can eat out of it like a mini horse feedbag (advisable at home only).

15. Masks look great with a killer winged eyeliner.

16. Masks are a great way to show off your pets

17. You get to feel somewhat mysterious while just going about your ordinary business.

18. Masks are another great way to accessorise your look.

19. You don’t need as much sunscreen.

20. You don’t need as much fake tan.

21. If you have a bad pimple, the mask will keep it secret (unless it’s on your forehead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

22. A face mask and sunglasses combo = cheap and easy Invisible Man cosplay.

23. You don’t need to do the awkward half-smile at people who are passing you; this goes double if you recognise them. Big win for the socially awkward.

24. You can now express everything from utter disgust to ecstatic joy with only your eyes and your brows.

25. You can try out zany facial hair without fear or judgement.

26. You can (quietly) sing, talk, smile or laugh to yourself while out walking and it’s not weird (everybody does it).

27. If you're a celebrity you can now walk around with relative anonymity.

28. Wearing a mask when outside can help reduce hayfever symptoms.

29. Public life is now a masked ball 24/7 which really makes the lockdown much sexier.

30. Masks are the new socks of gift giving. Can't think of a gift for someone? MASKS!

31. Running while wearing a mask is basically altitude training. No, don't have to wear a mask while exercising, but you can if you wish (and now I have lungs of steel).

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“I never leave home without my Mr Sparkle mask”

The Simpson’s Man

“Sharing the love and donated 900 masks to boys and girls club of Oakland”

Janet Ravin (Rimini Street)

“All our staff at the Mercure look professional in their masks”

Mercure Kooindah Waters